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Broker Profile

Each broker sign up with Moso will be able to create their profile which become business information page for borrower to potentially find their correspondent in loaning process.

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Broker portal will provide a multipurpose environment for broker to receive and solve requests from borrower and lenders, while keeping watch on how loaning process is going on to interfere if needed.


Company Directory

Company directory provides a detail look into each broker's company in order to help them gaining a better understanding of company's structure. And looking for personnel in charge if needed.

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Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is the main virtual drive being used by Moso to store documentations that being or have already been processed. Borrower or broker can access this storage at any moment to find their required documents.

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Paper Reduction

Normally, loaning process cost a lot of resources not only in human but also paper and equipment. eDocument Management will free up a lot of storage space as well as budget.


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Moso maintain substantial amount of reports in interactive and view format which gives an expansive view into loaning process not only for borrower but also broker.


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Responsive Web Design

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