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Loan pipeline overview

Borrowers have accounts to edit applications, submit documents, and interact with you during the entire loan process

Last updated at Mar 5, 2018 3:31 AM

Moso helps broker process loans with various lenders. We are able to support lenders with any customized workflow at request.

Our Workflow will help Broker follow a loan step by step, keep track of what needs to be done, what has been done and who should be responsible

Currently, Moso has already supported 5 different workflows for these lenders below:

- Provident Funding

- Ethos

- United wholesale

- Parkside

- Quickens Loan

And 1 general workflow for other lenders if there is no special request.

Broker can create or view loans that he processed in Pipelines view. In Pipelines view, Broker can overview information of loans such as full name of borrower, loan amount, lender, status of loan, processor or loan originator of that loan...). How to compare quote?

Broker can create new loan by clicking on “Add” button (How to compare quote?) or view Loan Details by clicking on Borrower’s name(How to compare quote?).

To edit a loan, Broker can click on ID of the loan. To process a loan, Broker click on status of that loan, then they have to finish step by step of the workflow(How to compare quote?).

While Search bar will allow broker to search for any particular loan through information such as name email or escrow number... Broker also can create alert or view alert from Loans page. How to compare quote?

To-do is another feature that helps brokers, borrowers and escrow users to know what they have to do in order to make a loan funded and easier to communicate. How to compare quote?

Beside from the documents which are generated automatically by the system, broker is able to add documents that we need from borrowers and escrow users.

Furthermore, the system will also help admins to remind borrowers and escrow to upload missing documents by clicking on them then click “Review Email" button to check the content before sending email.

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