We provide the best mortgage rates

We offer the best mortgage rates available along with a convenient online loan application process supported by a team of experienced loan officers.

Refinance - Lower Rate/Payments

Save your money with our best price.

Refinance - Cash out

Turn your home's equity into cash.


Your dream home is a reality.

Do you want to find your your best rate and keep updated by us?

Get quote and create your alert with us

40+ Household Lenders and 30+ States Licenses

Moso is in partnered with 40+ household lenders such as QuickenLoans, UWM, Ethos Lending, etc. and collected rates from 30+ states like Connecticut, California, etc. in order to bring forth the most secured and up-to-date numbers.

Keep your rates watched

Do you want to know when the rate go down and match your need? Our alert system can track and email to remind you the cost and/or rate changes. You can come back and make loan with us when you find your suitable rate.

What else we can do for you?

Detail loan's calculation for client

Provide detail calculation of rate APR, closing cost,DTI, monthly payment and compare quotes.

Online application

You can easily submit your applications over the web. Our agent will help you in details to help it approved by lenders

Loan processing

You will be provided a borrower portal which can help you to track your loan, and get help immediately.

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Over 1,200 loans closed! 80% return customers!

Here's what our clients say about us →

John Doe
San Jose, CA
Moso Software. was amazing to work with. They put their best into helping you and making sure that you understand every step of the process. Not only that, their online site was very helpful, showing you exactly where you are at with your loan. I highly recommend them.
Jane Doe
Elk Grove, CA
I am very happy to know about Moso Software. and apply to refinance through them. They are very helpful and get my loan approve when other lender denied me. overall I am very satisfied with the loan officer and the staff very much. I would definate refer them to all my friends and family members.
Jane Doe
Folsom, CA
I have contacted Moso Software. through my family and from the first day onward there response was awesome. I was able to contact them any time and get in touch with them. I kind of like the idea of alerts and helping on the rates. The loan process was very fast and with in no time I got the approval for loan. They were pretty sure about the process, time span, documentation. I would recommend Loan Factory for any person. I rank them 9 on a scale of 1 to 10

Simple, honest pricing. No hidden fees.

No long term contracts. Change your plan at any time.

30 - Yr Fixed


  • Loan purpose: Refinance
  • Interrest rate: 3.125%
  • Lender: AmeriSave
  • Closing Cost: $17,510.70
  • Monthly payment: $1,302
  • Apply Now!

10 - Yr Fixed


  • Loan purpose: Purchase
  • Interrest rate: 2.25%
  • Lender: LDWholesale
  • Closing Cost: $7,994.20
  • Monthly payment: $2,830
  • Apply Now!

5/1 ARM


  • Loan purpose: Purchase
  • Interrest rate: 2.25%
  • Lender: Quicken Loan
  • Closing Cost: $10,579.90
  • Monthly payment: $1,161
  • Apply Now!

Need help choosing a plan?

Not sure of which plan to choose? Give us a call at (408) 444-9999 and our dedicated support staff will help you figure out the best plan for you.

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