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How to create a loan by importing 3.2 file?

New to this whole online application thing, Moso can instantly generate new loan application through 3.2 file for you

Not all borrowers are fluently in computer or even some are elders and old-fashioned. These borrowers will need some helps in order to effectively begin their loan processing. Here at Moso, we support borrowers creating a new loan application with populated information from their Fannie Mae 3.2 file.

Step 1: Go to Pipeline tab.

Step 2: Click "Add" button and choose "Import 3.2" option.

Step 3: Input required information and attached 3.2 file.

While most information will be automatically populated from 3.2 file into our online application, some information will need to be input manually by borrowers such as lenders, escrow company, loan originator and processor.

Step 4: Click "Import 1 Loan" button.

Newly create loan application will show up in Pipeline tab, users can click on loan application's Full Name to check for detail information.

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