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What are the purposes of “To-Do’s” view?

To-do view is a place that help admins, borrowers and escrow users to know what they have to do in order to process the loan as soon as possible.

Access to To-Do views

To-Do views can be accessed from Pipeline page, click on to-do button

For Admins:

the system bases on the information of borrower and generate some required document. Then, admins can add some documents that borrower need to send to admins to apply to lenders.

After the loan is approved, admins also add required documents for escrow to upload

For borrower:

In to-do list, borrower is allowed to view all loans’ to-dos in one view and easier to upload the documents

For escrow user:

Similar to borrowers, escrow users have a list of to-do for each loan and upload documents for the loans

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