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Which actions does Moso support for a loan?

Last updated at Mar 22, 2018 2:04 PM

Moso supports many actions for loan:
  • Assign: Change Loan Originator or Processor of loan in a branch
  • Clone : Create a loan with same information
  • Email participants : Send Email to Borrowers
  • Email history: keep track all email histories relates to the application
  • History: Keep track all updation histories of the application
  • Export to Fannie Mae 3.2: Generate application to the .fnm file
  • Import from Fannie Mae 3.2: Override, update information from .fnm file
  • Delete: Delete the application
  • Log in as Borrower: Change to Portal Borrower page with main borrower's account
  • Generate 1003 form: create 1003 form and save to Google Drive
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