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Online application overview

Last updated at Mar 14, 2018 8:14 AM

An application for a loan, which contains information of a single or multiple borrowers (borrower and co-borrower(s)) can be filled out by borrower or with help from broker. Our system provides 2 types of application:

I/ Short Application:
This application includes form for refinance/purchase a house and form for pre-approval letter. Borrower can create a short application by clicking on “Loan application” in the top menu:
After asking for loan purpose and co-borrower, system will require borrower’s email to check if they are new borrower or returned one. If they are new, they will start from the beginning with our guidance while returned borrower will be able to continue their existed application.
Borrower can save their application in borrower portal and come back later to edit and upload documents. After borrower filled out the application, broker can manage everything in applications page. The completed prospect can be converted to a loan by broker/agent/processor when needed
II/ Long Application:
Moso supports broker/MLO/Processor for collecting and storing borrower’s information with standard 1003 form in Loans page
With organized tabs, broker/MLO/Processor can access and enter information easily.
It’s convenient and easy for broker to pull credit report and DTI is calculated automatically from the entered information. Besides, user can manage all loans in system via Pipeline page with many other features: After creating a 1003 form, our system will generate automatically a Fannie Mae file and store in your Google Drive. It’s easy to manage and backup borrower’s information.
Moso also supports import .fnm file into our system and somes tools help broker/MLO/processor can reuse borrower’s information when borrower comes back for making a loan without filling all information.
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