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Broker will always be able to listen to borrower through different communication channels with mobiles, instant chat, web and call centers. Especially, all of these features will be integrated into one unify user experience.

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Create an online application process that can be finished online from start to finish with complicated tasks like loan origination process, checking credit, underwriting, etc.



Moso system has always been built in mindset of growing together with business. As a result, we provide broker with an adaptive customizable system that satisfy ever-changing needs of broker.

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Compliance & Security

Moso set up an advanced development standard as framework and also taking broker's standard into account in creating webpage. As a result, Moso can avoid wasting time as well as matching broker's requirement perfectly.

At the same time, Moso guarantee the independent of development cycles from broker application. Testing of SQL Injections, Cross Scripting, Sessions Key Management is a must.

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Performance Testing

Our team's focus ensure the quality of performance in many factors such as network, timeout, load throttling, location and encryption so that customers can have the best application experience.


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Manual & Functional Testing

Each of the field within Moso program is functional with the intention to re-used for a number of applications. Therefore, we make sure to remove any limitations and create a highly independent environment for each product.

Moreover, Moso team usually run manual testing to insure applications is in the right order of things.


40+ Household Lenders and 30+ States

Moso is in partnered with 40+ household lenders such as QuickenLoans, UWM, One American Wholesale, etc. and collected rates from 30+ states like Connecticut, California, etc. in order to bring forth the most secured and up-to-date numbers.

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Personalized Quote

An intuitive quote model system that presents basic choices such as loan amount, purpose and value property couples with advanced options such as zip code and FICO credit score. All of these elements combine will produce an accurate quote that best fit not only borrower's location but also finance situation through credit score.

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Closing Cost

Moso quote system will take into account all minor and major costs such as appraisal, escrow, credit report fees throughout loan processing in order to give borrower full amount of payments. Borrower will be free of miscalculation and have more time and efforts to focus on something else.