Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automatic Commission Calculator?

LOs within broker's company will always try their best to score as many close loans as possible in order to increase their commission. Normally, this process is an issue that require them to keep track and calculate earned commission after each transaction. As a result, Moso develops Automatic Commission Calculator with interchangeable number not only to benefit LOs but also increase loaning process for borrower.

What are the domain options at Moso?

At Moso, we have two options for broker to choose from which are creating their own personal domain (prefer godaddy.com) or we will give them a free domain. Every choice is up to our broker.

Can broker have their own signature?

Yes, they can. eSignature can be designed to include many information from broker from email to NMLS number following their email as a way to identify themselves. In addition, Disclaimer also being attached together with eSignature for enhancing clarity.

What is the loaning process at Moso?

Moso's loaning process is fully automated with customized tasks being generated to each LOs according to each lender's workflow. All of the cost can be processed online with only couple of clicks by borrower which can free up time for other activities.

What are the differences of Moso webpage design?

We provide broker with a list of exclusive templates being developed in-house with high quality which guarantee to provide user with a subtle yet seamless application experiences. Moreover, webpage templates have deep customization from header and footer to homepage.

How many comparison can borrower make with quote system?

Borrower can make up to three loan plans from lenders and one addition of current plan. This feature will give borrower an overview look at what being provided and choose the best option.