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Simple Mortgage focuses on providing the best rates and pricing in Utah in addition to best in class customer service.

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Rohit Mohan

Rohit Mohan is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) and is recognized as an expert in the Mortgage Industry. He was voted in top 4% Mortgage Loan Officers in Bay Areas by Diablo Magazine October 2012.

View Website is original by Mortgage Solutions LLC headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada

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With over thousand loans successfully closed and more than 80% of clients are repeated customers or client referrals. HOUZERZ rely on proprietary technology to find the cheapest lender and to lower the costs.

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Excel Mortgage Lending

Focusing on helping people achieve their dreams through Finance and Real Estate. Excel Mortgage Lending care about customer’s needs before, during, and after they need a mortgage.

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