Flexible functionality

Everything is adjustable internally with intuitive framework that will only require simple inputs. States can be changed according to requirement from clients.

Supportive Document

New State License Information and Lender Agreements will be included for fast and easy access.

Dummy Service #3

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Advanced search bar provides comprehensive information such as lender's name, loan type, interest rate for accessible look up.


Expansive Lenders list

LoanFactory support a long list of household lenders for clients to find the appropriated ones. These are certified lenders which has been authorized by Fannie Mac and verified by LoanFactory.


Deep Customization

On/off switch allows for smooth changes in criteria. While clickable lender's name link grants broker extensive customizations such as contact information, lender fees, lock period, etc


Closing Cost Options

Broker will be presented with a list of adjustable costs from state additional to subordination costs in order to adopt the ability of creating unique case.

Clean Alert System

Broker has ability to set rates with applicable criteria in order to trigger alert system while borrower will be announced with email if subscribed.

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20+ Page Options

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StartKit Template

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Bootstrap 3 Ready

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